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domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

ART GALLERY.....Fotos etiquetadas con "francois fressinier art paintings"

B. 1968 - Francois Fressinier was born in Cognac, France in 1968. He attributes much of his passion for the human figure to the fact that both of his parents were professional portrait photographers. He studied advertising and fine art at the Ecole Brassart Technique et Privee in Tours, near Paris. Fressinier also received a strong academic training in art from his father, to whom he gives credit for teaching him not to paint, but to see. That unique sight, colored with an esteem for the expressive linear drawing of Egon Schiele, has evolved into a personal style that is fluid, truly lovely, and classical in nature. It is his mastery of light and shadow and the delicate economy of his line which call to mind the exquisite conte drawings of Leonardo or sketches done by Ingres or Raphael. Fressinier even states his favorite time in history as being In a time period where time, speed and productivity were not the number one occupation of our days.


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